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Tattoo Removal Questions and Answers

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Tattoo Removal Near Me in Saint Clair Shores, MI
Tattoo Removal Near Me in Saint Clair Shores, MI

Can a tattoo ever be fully removed?

Tattoo removal can be painful and tricky due to the application of the ink being placed beneath the surface of the skin. In many cases, the removal of a tattoo is more complicated and more expensive than having the tattoo done in the first place. There are a few different methods of tattoo removal, such as dermabrasion, surgical removal and laser surgery. If you are interested in or considering having a tattoo removed, you will need to consult a medical professional to understand your options for removal and help you determine which one will produce the best results for you. Keeping in mind that tattoos are meant to be permanent, you need to be realistic about the likelihood of your tattoo being completely removed. Different methods provide different results and effectiveness rates. Surgical removal and laser surgery are the two most common treatments due to their ability to remove most of the tattoo. However, scarring can occur, particularly for surgical removal, and the skin can still appear discolored from the permanence of the tattoo ink used and how deep below the skin’s surface it penetrated.

How effective is laser tattoo removal?

The effectiveness of laser tattoo removal is dependent on several factors. It is one of the most effective treatments, particularly for large tattoos that can’t be surgically removed. People may pick this option for smaller tattoos that are suitable for surgical removal in order to avoid having a scar where the tattoo was. While several treatments are likely to be needed in order to minimize the appearance of the tattoo, the type of ink used in the tattoo, the saturation of the ink and the depth of the ink penetration will all factor into how successful laser surgery will be in removing the tattoo. The laser sends a pulse of energy into the tattoo, which causes the ink to heat up and then shatter, breaking into small fragments that the body can absorb and reject. Tattoos with multiple colors may need to use a variety of lasers with assorted wavelengths to break up the different color compositions.

How Fast Is Laser Tattoo removal?

The length of a laser tattoo removal session will vary based on the size of the tattoo and how concentrated the ink is. Larger tattoos will require significantly more time than a smaller tattoo. A typical session can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending how your tattoo and body are responding to the treatment. Multiple sessions will be needed to continue to break down the inks in the tattoo, with each session taking place about 6-8 weeks apart to allow the body time to heal between treatments. Depending how many treatments you need, your tattoo removal process could take a year or more to get it faded enough to not be recognizable.

How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

The removal of a tattoo is as unique to the individual as getting the tattoo placed was initially. Each patient is going to require a treatment plan unique to their tattoo with the number of sessions based on the size of the tattoo, the location of it, the colors used, the type of ink used and the concentration and penetration of the ink below the surface of the skin. Even small tattoos will require multiple laser surgery sessions due to the layering of the ink inside of the tattoo. The laser isn’t able to penetrate through all of the ink layers in a single session to break the pigment up for the body to absorb. Additionally, certain colors are harder for the laser to break up, so you may require more sessions if you have some of these tricky colors. Our trained professionals at True Laser Spa can help you to understand how many treatments you may need to remove your tattoo.

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