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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment Specialist in Saint Clair Shores, MI

Talk to our team of professionals today about the benefits of smart lipo, zerona fat removal, fat freeze technology and vaser quanta shape. Contact True Laser Spa today for more information or booking an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 22030 Greater Mack Ave Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080.

Cellulite Treatment Near Me in Saint Clair Shores, MI

Cellulite Treatment Near Me in Saint Clair Shores, MI

Table of Contents:

Does body contouring reduce cellulite?
What services do you provide to treat cellulite?
How much does it cost to get cellulite reduction treatment?
How do I know which treatment is best for me?

Does body contouring reduce cellulite?

Body contouring refers to a variety of revolutionary treatments used for exactly what it sounds like – contouring the body in place of more expensive and invasive surgical procedures.

Results achieved from body contouring treatments will vary from one person to another, dependent on how the body and fat cells respond to the treatment.

Additionally, the type of treatment being performed will provide different results as different treatments attack existing fat cells in different ways.

Body contouring treatments work by reducing the fat in targeted areas of the body, providing patients with a slimmer appearance.

The removal of this fat will result in a reduction of cellulite in the areas that have had a body contouring procedure performed.

Treatments that focus on the permanent removal of fat cells will have the same results with cellulite, as cellulite is formed from the presence of fat.

What services do you provide to treat cellulite?

True Laser Spa provides several non-surgical, non-invasive treatment options to help reduce and eliminate the appearance and presence of cellulite.

The treatments we offer include Smart Lipo, Zerona fat removal, fat freeze technology and Vaser Quanta Shape.

Smart Lipo uses medical-grade lasers to melt fat by rupturing fat cells with a light beam calibrated at a specific frequency that is effective in the reduction of fat. This is done safely without harming surrounding nerves, blood vessels or other soft tissues near the fat cells. Bruising, swelling and bleeding following Smart Lipo treatments are minimal.

Zerona fat removal is an FDA Market Cleared treatment that can be used to reduce overall body circumference using a cold laser to reduce fat. The laser is not applied directly to the skin, meaning there is no freezing needed and no bruising, swelling or downtime following the treatment.

Fat freeze technology, also known as cryolipolysis, targets the body’s subcutaneous fat, which gets harder to lose as we get older. Through the process of freezing the subcutaneous fat, the frozen fat cells will die and the body’s immune system will digest them, ridding the body of them permanently.

Vaser Quanta Shape targets fat cells with the use of ultrasound technology. Using two ultrasound heads in conjunction with each other, the fat cells are killed and then absorbed and naturally passed out of the body.

How much does it cost to get cellulite reduction treatment?

Cellulite reduction treatment costs will vary by patient and can be confirmed by your practitioner prior to starting treatment.

The type of cellulite reduction treatment used will determine the starting point for the cost, as different treatments use unique technologies and application techniques that will require tools, time, and practitioner training.

Each patient will have their own unique needs for fat removal and cellulite reduction based on their body type, diet, lifestyle, metabolism and many other factors that determine a person’s fat production.

The number of treatments needed to get the desired results will also factor into the cost, which again will depend on the individual. Patients interested in their options for cellulite reduction treatments should meet with a qualified practitioner to talk through their options to decide the best course of treatment for them, discuss how many treatments will be needed and what the end result will be.

Once those factors have been discussed, the practitioner can provide the patient with an estimate on the cost for the full treatment.

How do I know which treatment is best for me?

Each person’s cellulite reduction treatment program will be unique to them, based on their personal, individualized needs.

Anyone interested in a cellulite reduction treatment program should discuss their interest with a qualified practitioner, such as the team at True Laser Spa.

Together, you can work to build out a treatment plan based on your needs and body composition, as well as the amount of cellulite to be reduced and your end goal with a cellulite reduction treatment plan.

With so many different types of treatment options on the market, it is best to get an expert opinion from an experienced practitioner to ensure that the treatment chosen for you is the best option to get you the results you want.

If you are interested in cellulite reduction, talk to a specialist at True Laser Spa. We are conveniently located at 22030 Greater Mack Ave Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080We serve clients from Saint Clair Shores MI, Eastpointe MI, Fraser MI, Warren MI, Sterling Heights MI, Harper Woods MI and surrounding areas.